DDR. Christiane Baier Kieferorthopädie


DDr. Christiane Baier



I have been interested in the field of aesthetic dentistry from the early stages.

Today, I specialise in orthodontic treatments and have had additional training in this field. Many colleagues refer patients to me for this very reason, so that together with the valuable help of my competent assistants, I can transform their smile into a magically beautiful one.

Orthodontics incorporates many interesting topics:

  • Aesthetics
  • Psychology and Motivation
  • Close collaboration with the patient
  • Comprehensive knowledge of biomechanical processes
  • Strategic planning

As far as I am concerned, I consider myself lucky to have the best job in the world!

My curriculum

  • General medical studies
  • Disseration leading to Dr.med.univ. at the department of orthodontics at the Dental Clinic, University of Vienna
  • Training as specialist in dental, oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • Additional training in the department of orthodontics, at the Denatl Clinic, University of Vienna, including subsequent teaching and Research activity encompassing a total of ten years
  • Disseratation leading Dr. med. dent.
  • Various working Arrangements as specialist orthodontist at various dental clinics in lower Austria, upper Austria and Vienna
  • Additional qualifications for several aligner systems
  • Ongoing continuing education in the fiels of orthodontics, nationally as well as internationally
  • Member of the Association of Austrian Orthodontists